SAN ANTONIO — A former Reagan High School basketball player is reflecting back on the day he almost lost his life. In 2018, Kaeyel Moore was in the middle of practice when he suffered from sudden cardiac arrest.

Moments before collapsing on the gym floor, the teen says he felt fine.

“I look down and look at my body. Then I saw the patches on me and I was like confused because I didn’t understand what was going on,” Moore said.

The quick-thinking coaching staff grabbed a defibrillator and got his heart pumping again. His coach then called Moore’s mom to notify her.

“[The coach] called to let me know that, never in a million years, would I expect to hear my 16-year-old son went into cardiac arrest,” said Lakisha Hamilton-Moore.

Moore spent the next four days in the hospital undergoing tests and surgery. His age, seeming health and lack of heart problems in his family history made his diagnosis tricky for doctors. To be safe, surgeons implanted a defibrillator into the side of his body.

“The treatment nowadays is exactly what he’s got. Day after day [the defibrillator] doesn’t do anything. It just watches and the one time it’s called upon is when you have a rhythm that could kill you,” said Dr. Mark Shima, an interventional cardiologist with RiverCity CardioVascular and Mission Trail Baptist Hospital.

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