Dr. Rivera of RiverCity Cardiovascular was quote in a story by Spectrum News who was covering the Southwest General Heart Health Fair in San Antonio on Saturday February 11, 2017. Here is the story from Spectrum News (www.twcnews.com):

“To increase American Heart Month awareness, Southwest General Hospital hosted a community Heart Health Fair over the weekend.

Dozens of families took advantage of free health screenings like blood pressure and cholesterol check ups.

Saturday’s event not only provided various resources, but also highlighted different medical services for the Southside community.

“A lot of our Hispanic community just don’t want to go to a doctor – to being told they’re sick or that they have a condition that needs treatment. So, at least with this is a way that they go have an open conversation with them,” said Dr. Oscar Rivera.

Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the U.S.

Doctors say leading a healthy lifestyle, with daily exercise and nutritious eating, can add years to your life.”

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